Keto Diet After 50

Keto Diet for seniors above 50- Eat healthily, and feel younger!

What are your thoughts on a low carb diet for seniors?

Are you still torn between choosing a high-carb diet plan or a low-carb plan?

Have you considered the benefits of a Keto plan for seniors, how it works, and what it entails?

Well, this simple yet detailed book on the Keto diet for seniors is a complete and thorough book that touches on the rudimentary topics around safe Keto dieting for people above 50 years of age. Although the Keto diet is safe for most people that use it, there are still some areas where you may require adjustments to the full plan. This book is aimed at helping it meet the peculiarities of the group or the person running the program. The following are, therefore, the areas of discourse that the book expounds on:

  • The necessary macros needed in the Keto diet for seniors over 50
  • How calorie restriction can slow down the aging process
  • Keto-friendly supplements for seniors
  • Keto diet best food list for seniors
  • The importance of proper nutrition in aging.
  • 60+ Keto recipe for seniors.

The book is a complete handbook to the rudiments of running a Keto diet plan for people above 50 years of age. Let’s get you to age slowly and enjoy this period of your life the more.